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Special for February :)

Pick your favourite OTP couples from the list

Half of the container will encompass the scent of one person in the OTP and the other have will be the other. 

Aelin and Rowan OTP Candle:

Aelin-Lemon Verbena, Jasmine and Crackling Fire (green hearts background)

Rowan-Pine, snow and sandalwood

Lorcan and Elide OTP Candle:

Loran-Leaves, mountain air and apples (Purple Hearts background)

Elide: Elderberries and Cinnamon

America and Maxon OTP Candle:

America-Amber, Vanilla and bergamot (orange hearts background)

Maxon- Cologne with hints of strawberries

Rhysand and Feyre OTP Candle:

Rhysand-Citrus, salt, jasmine and rain (blue hearts background)

Feyre-Citrus, sea. salt and roses

Liesl and The Goblin King OTP Candle:

Liesl-Roses, Ivy, Sandalwood and Musk (yellow hearts background)

The Goblin King-Leather, violets, vetiver and incense.


A note about soy wax:

Soy can sometimes be temperamental in appearance. Frosting, (which resembles white snowflakes) is a perfectly natural effect when using soy wax. It does not affect the scent of the candle. Of course, we will try and ensure your candle is perfect however sometimes it is out of our hands as frosting can occur after the candle has left our facility. The candle may have a wet look. It is the wax not adhering to the glass jar and also will not affect the scent of the candle. Candles are hand poured in small batches. Due to this, colour may be slightly different than how it is pictured.