A Little About Me

Hi everyone! I started making candles in late 2016 and fell in love with the process. Today, if I haven't made any in a few days I start getting really antsy.  I find candle making very comforting. 

 More about me: 

  • My favourite colours are purple and blue
  • I am a sucker for a beautiful book cover
  • I love it when a book makes me cry (if an author has the ability to make me produce that kind of emotion, they have an AMAZING talent)
  • Yes, I am Canadian, we spell favourite and colour with a u
  • I hate blueberries but love blueberry watermelon fruitopia (strange, huh)
  • I love anything mango and chocolate (not together of course lol)
  • I have an obsession with smelling good
  • I have an insanely big family
  • I love Chinese and Thai food
  • I hate anything with chewable/eatable seeds
  • I have a major obsession with the number 28 (probably because I was born on the 28th, lol)
  • Other movies I love (and I can watch over and over again): Pitch Perfect, Stardust, Blast from the Past, Centre Stage, The Holiday, Monster-In-Law, The Wedding Planner, The Harry Potter movies, Something's Gotta Give, Bring It On, The Avengers, Thor movies and Xmen.
  • Some of the shows that I love to watch are: The Big Bang Theory, The Originals, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Scandal, The 100, Reign, Modern Family and Outlander :)